X Factor & Upright alum STACY FRANCIS vs. PEREZ HILTON

On Fri, October 28, 2011 - Infamous web-blogger Perez Hilton started a stir when he criticized current The X-Factor contestant and Upright Cabaret alum STACY FRANCIS’ professional background.

His proof? An Upright Cabaret poster from a 2008 Palm Springs, CA performance which featured Stacy Francis, Adam Lambert, Diamonds Are Forever star Jennifer Leigh Warren and many more talented artists.

Upright Cabaret creator/producer Chris Isaacson tried to clear up the whole debacle via his Twitter page! Check out all of the coverage below:  

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HOLLYWOOD REPORTER Investigates: Click here!

BWW PHOTO COVERAGE from THAT night: Click here!

No matter the controversy, Stacy Francis is a wonderfully gifted artist who we are proud to have shared the stage with at Upright Cabaret.

We wish her much success not only on The X Factor stage but on the World’s stage!